ASINspector Review

An ASINSpector Pro Review From Someone Who’s Used It

After using ASINspector for years, here’s my video review of the software and how it can be your go-to ecommerce sourcing tool.  Whether you want to source private label products, do retail arbitrage, dropship, or even write ebooks, this tool handles it all!

I heard about this amazon sourcing software last year and really wanted to try it out. Could it actually save me time and even replace a virtual assistant?  Watch the video below to find out what I thought.

It’s only gotten better since then. I recorded this video before the ASINspector Pro version came out.  I have added notes on the Pro version below.


Can it save you time researching products?  Absolutely.

I love being able to type in a keyword, push a button, and then get all of the sales ranks and estimated monthly revenue for any product.  You can also see the number of reviews and thumbnails of the products themselves, all from the main summary.  The pro version pulls in FBA fees and weight.  You’re also going to have a host of buttons to do further research on any products.

You can pick up your copy right here.

What do the ASINspector Pro buttons offer?

  1. Open in Store
  2. CamelCamelCamel Price History Research
  3. Net Payout
  4. Compare Price with Competitors
  5. Open in New Page
  6. Product Keywords (awesome listing hack!)
  7. Frequently Sold Together (gold for new ideas)
  8. Parent/Child Variation products
  9. Inventory On Hand for All Sellers (super useful for retail arbitrage)

Some other nice features:

  • Being able to remove lines from the sheet.
  • Ability to export and save files
  • Sorting on any columns results
  • Summary up top of average sales rank, lowest price, and average number of reviews
  • Mobile scanning on the go
  • Magic lightbulb with random ideas to evaluate
  • Many more features you can see here

How can you use this for drop shipping?

It’s easy.  Do any search to see what’s selling.  From there, you’re going to research suppliers with the click of a button.  Choose the item you’re interested in and *poof* – you’ll know right away if you can find it anywhere else for less.

asinspector pro review

So in this case, you could make a couple dollars selling the dog toilet brush on eBay if you source it from Wayfair.  Cool huh?

Does ASINspector Work For Retail Arbitrage?

Want to know how many sellers are on the listing or what their inventory levels are?  You can choose to find out about All Available Sellers or just Prime Sellers, and by condition. In this care, the Mr Clean Turbo Plunger and Bowl Brush Caddy Set is in stock with 37 sellers, and we know right away who has how many.  Would this be valuable information when considering products to buy and their quantities, in combination with other information you get like sales rank, reviews, estimated revenue, etc? Absolutely!

Screenshot 2016-08-22 06.34.38

When I said this can become your go-to ecommerce tool, I was serious.


Is This a Tool For Researching Ebook Titles?

This year I was looking into writing ebooks and published a few.  What did I use to find out more about ebook niche competition?  You guessed it, ASINspector Pro.  While the results weren’t quite as complete with ebooks as they are on physical products, you are still able to see right away what the strength of competition is for any given keyword.

I had no idea there were so many kindle books related to toilets! It looks like The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur is the top seller with a few potty training books behind it.  A book on potty training might do well if properly promoted.  Besides that, people aren’t really buying books on toilets in general.

Screenshot 2016-08-22 06.46.31

See how that works?  In just a glance, my niche ebook research is complete.

ASINspector Review Summary

Well, by now you probably realize I really enjoy using this tool.  When I’m actively researching products, I use it all the time.  It’s so simple and the information is so valuable.  If you’ve been looking to cut down on your product research and get better results, this is a must-have.  Click the button below to get your copy and start sourcing better today!






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