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See women from different parts of the nation get together for one Hangout to share how their lives have changed since they joined DS Domination. In this video, Keysha Bass hosts the Hangout and have with her 8 other women who share their real testimonies on how effective they’ve been in their home business. These Read More →

Do you get those pre-stamped envelopes from mailing subscriptions, credit card companies, and the like? Why not put them to good use? In this video, I will show you how you can brilliantly use them to your advantage. We all know that those envelopes are supposedly for the sender’s advantage (and we don’t really need Read More →

Have you ever heard of that saying? ¬†Have you given it a second thought and maybe considered¬†“No. That’s not right.”? Let me shed some new light on this saying. Watch the video first before you read on. The point there is that statement will only be true if you don’t take responsibility for your actions. Read More →

Start marketing your home business NOW! If your business just started, or it has been there for quite a while now but you just haven’t marketing for it yet, then the best thing to do is to start now. Do you know how? Watch this video to know more. The key to marketing or promoting Read More →

When we think about business promotions, we think of costs. We think that there’s always a price for every promotion. But here’s something I discovered that might just help you promote your business absolutely FREE. Want to know how? Watch this video and you’ll discover how amazingly easy it is to do. Isn’t it a Read More →

When was the last time you had a raise from your basic pay? I can’t remember when I had one, either, not because I just didn’t really have one. I can’t remember getting a raise because I give MYSELF that raise. I don’t depend on any boss or company or job for me to get Read More →

Most of us have probably reached that point wherein we question our financial stability. We work but do we really love it? Do we really want to answer to bosses and limit our earning with the hours we spend on it? Then there’s an option to do your own business. It sounds a bit intimidating Read More →

Entrepreneurship is not rocket-science at all. It is partly easy (and yes, partly difficult) if you know how and when to actually make it work. People have this notion that entrepreneurship puts you inside a box and traps you in it. I don’t think these people got it all right. Maybe they’re the ones who Read More →

Get a job? Or have your own business? Let me tell you the difference between the two in this video. Go ahead and click PLAY. At the end of the video, ask yourself: which one suits me best? Which one will give me more financial freedom? How high can my salary go if I get Read More →

One technique of getting the word out about your website, blog, or videos is by putting them out on social bookmarking websites. The list of websites can go on and on and it may take you days to put it online one by one! I found ¬†this incredible tool that you can use that can Read More →