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This idea might have come to mind. Or maybe it seemed impossible to think about before. But here’s the thing: if your business is growing and things starts to get too busy for you to handle, try asking for help from people. There are just some aspects in our business that (we admit) we’re not Read More →

Was there a time when you just scanned through the magazine, watched the television, or read from the internet about successful people? Have you ever wondered how they have achieved so much that it seemed almost impossible? ¬†How do they do it? These “successful” people also have a successful trait in them – a headstrong Read More →

Today, I would like to challenge you. Go about with your entire day and observe what things you often do. Take note of that one action or habit that you think you always (or almost always) do every day. Does this act make a lot of sense to you? Do you see yourself achieving (or Read More →

One value that I always keep within me when I have achieved something – big or small – is to be genuinely thankful. Gratitude is a value that is not very difficult to instill and even share to others. When we show people how grateful we are, it resonates with them and they themselves will Read More →

I want to share this video about one of the most amazing things that internet marketing has brought to me and most especially to other people’s lives as well. We all know that the internet is a vast platform and a great opportunity for us to share and inspire people. And I’m just happy I Read More →