easy-Cleaning-email-boxThe other day my friend posted her email inbox unread count.  It was in the 1,000s.  Can you relate?

If you’re tired of being flooded with emails- it’s time to take charge! “Inbox Zero” is now possible with these easy-to-use free tools.

Here are two simple tools to clean up your inbox.

Screenshot 2016-05-04 16.43.09Unroll.me– This service has a website and an app for your phone. It’s compatible with most of the free email services like yahoo and gmail.  It’s super fast and simple to use. When you sign up, the service scours your emails for any subscriptions. Then it asks you one by one which you’d like to keep in your inbox, cancel, or rollup into a summary email on a daily basis. It takes only a few minutes and then you’re on your way going forward.This is by far the fastest way I’ve seen to bulk unsubscribe from all of the subscriptions you no longer want to keep.

Screenshot 2016-05-04 16.40.02Mailstrom.co – This service works for free emails and privately hosted emails- anything that offers IMAP.  It pulls all of your emails down and then allows you to quickly filter or unsubscribe and delete them by sender, subject, and keyword.
Among other useful features it offers Chill Email Til Future Date and Block Sender.   One click delete social network notifications is a nice option too. There is more functionality within this site to help you get down to Inbox Zero.

I’ve found that the site runs far faster than my actual email host. The option to block email senders is far better than hitting a sketchy unsubscribe button.

Mailstrom.co offers a free trial period to get your inbox under control. If you like it, you can subscribe to the service for a nominal monthly fee.

To really make best use of this, bring in all of your email accounts. When you approach your email for the day (usually after lunch for me), select all emails for the day and then only uncheck the ones that you actually need to file or respond to.  Delete the rest before you’re even tempted to spend your precious time reading and getting distracted by them.


The Benefits of A Clean Email Inbox

When you get your email inbox under control, it will simplify your life and preserve your time and energy. It’s another form of decluttering.  These tools make it easy! Sign up today and start looking forward to seeing your email again.

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