I recently had an exceptional customer service experience from a company selling a relatively low cost service.  In fact, I don’t remember being treated so well and taken care of so completely in a very long time.

This company, DriveBuy Technologies, provides an online service you can set up text messages for your property listings.  When someone drives by our house for sale, they see the sign rider, text for info and get pictures and more right on their phone.

Generally online companies do a decent job with online help sites and autoresponders welcoming you to the company.  What blew me away was I got a call from a real person almost immediately after signing up for the service. Not only that, but the rep had gone above what I even knew the service included to create and customize our company mobile site!  When he called, he offered to help me with any other setup and explained their billing policies.  The sign riders arrived ahead of schedule and the site has been very easy to use.

As I think about how “Wowed” I was by DriveBuy Technologies from the start, I think about what I can do to create that feeling for my customers.  It’s also a great example of how online companies can, and should, personalize the ecommerce sphere by crossing back to human interaction.  Business is about relationships and DriveBuy Technologies has figured out a way to start them off right.