Hey there!

I came across this software Fresh Store Builder to build amazon affiliate storefronts and so far I’ve been nothing but impressed.  Here’s a quick video look behind the scenes of my first store I’m setting up.

amazon store builder

Why is Fresh Store Builder appealing to me? Because it allows you to create “set it and forget it” online assets that can produce commissions month after month on autopilot.

It’s passive income at its best!

The step-by-step setup instructions are very easy to follow.  I’ve been impressed with all the upgraded features from v6 to Fresh Store Builder v7 including the Facebook and pinterest auto promoting.

The ajax cart that makes it possible for people to keep shopping on your store until they’re ready to check out.  It makes the customer experience more legitimate and allows for more upselling potential.

Another cool feature is you can use this for products with other affiliate programs and even customize with your own reviews and pictures if you desire.

One thing that surprised me was that this wasn’t your typical WP plugin, in fact, it’s not using wordpress at all.  Since Carey Baird has been developing this product for years with over 14,000 customers and this product is at version 7 now, I figure that the CMS they’re using is the best out there for this type of application.

There are a lot of other powerful features making this one of the most powerful automated profit machines out there.  Click the button below to find out if you can still take advantage of launch pricing!

fresh store builder bonus