Last time, we talked about how the habitual inputs in our life affect how we deal with our daily lives and how it can (negatively or positively) reflect the results we’re going to get with our future. Now, let’s talk about our habitual outputs and how we can harness them to create a better future. Read More →

How do you make your future look brighter than what you have today? How can you start building it? It all takes a positive habit, attitude, and outlook in life to build a stronger foundation for a better future. We have two categories of habits- habits of what we input and what we output. Positive Read More →

As an entrepreneur, you are paid for the value you bring, not the time you spend. Therefore, to increase your income, you’ll get best results when you focus on Income Producing Activities. But what are they? In this video, let me show you what are some income-producing activities you want to capitalize on. Performing income Read More →

If you have a virtual team located in different parts of the country (or even all over the world), conducting a meeting with them is easier than you think! Try Google Hangout. It’s free and it’s really easy to use. Watch my simple demo of the software on the video below. As you can see, Read More →

This is one of the top myths about success: that you have to have everything perfectly planned out before you take the first step in growing you business. In fact, the best way to get your business off the ground, is to start taking massive action. So what should you do? Find out in this Read More →

Have you ever given much thought to redistribution of wealth? Why is wealth accumulated differently by different people? These thoughts ran through my mind regarding the redistribution of wealth and I thought they might be beneficial to share with you. You can be part of the force which creates money and wealth instead of always Read More →

See women from different parts of the nation get together for one Hangout to share how their lives have changed since they joined DS Domination. In this video, Keysha Bass hosts the Hangout and have with her 8 other women who share their real testimonies on how effective they’ve been in their home business. These Read More →

Just to set the record straight: Creating a full time income from home requires a few things. It requires a burning desire to create results. It requires consistency. It requires commitment. It requires taking action. You won’t have a $10,000/mon income if you show up in your business “when you feel like it.” The only Read More →

Do you get those pre-stamped envelopes from mailing subscriptions, credit card companies, and the like? Why not put them to good use? In this video, I will show you how you can brilliantly use them to your advantage. We all know that those envelopes are supposedly for the sender’s advantage (and we don’t really need Read More →

Have you ever heard of that saying? ¬†Have you given it a second thought and maybe considered¬†“No. That’s not right.”? Let me shed some new light on this saying. Watch the video first before you read on. The point there is that statement will only be true if you don’t take responsibility for your actions. Read More →