Productivity FreewareSince most of our working time is spent on computers,
and distracted by things online,
it only makes sense to use productivity freeware to
make time management easier.

Here are the best productivity freeware tools I recommend: offers time and activity tracking
for all of your online time. This will help you
get to the root of your time bandits and track your
improvement over time. also offers time tracking,
for you and your team. This can be useful
software especially when you’re paying
an assistant or outsourcer for their help.

Google calendar is free and makes it easy to
time block, as well as share your calendar with
others.  You can set up reminders for daily,
weekly, or monthly activities as well.

If you find you’re tempted to fall back into the
social media/news/email checking cycle, a website
blocking software like for Windows
and SelfControl app for Mac will help you stay on track.

The Pomodoro app for Mac is a focus time that will also
help you create focused productivity time so you can
get to work and get things done!

Remember, while you can’t slow time down or make more of it,
you can manage your actions within it to get the best results.
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