We’ve had some trouble with squirrels cleaning out the bird feeder. The trouble peaked when we came home to find the squirrel with his hand literally in the feeder. While it makes great entertainment for the dog, we’d rather feed the birds. So we decided to duct tape the top to the feeder. Certainly that would keep a squirrel out. They are so small and duct tape is so strong right?

The next day, feeder was cleaned out again. Wads of duct tape, along with half of the little thief’s tail, were all that remained with the feeder. The squirrel was so focused on clearing out the birdseed he was willing to leave behind a portion of his tail- including some of the fleshy stem. It’s a good reminder to be aware of the costs and consequences of our actions.  Unwaivering dedication came at a high price for this squirrel!