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Facebook is the go-to advertising platform of big marketers for a few reasons. Ad approval is FAST when you’re following their rules. Other platforms may take up to a day to approve your ad.  Usually ads are approved within 15 minutes on Facebook. Audience targeting is simple and extensive– Depending on your criteria, it’s simple to Read More →

Wow! When I saw these results, it left no question in my mind.  If you’re only putting your videos on youtube, you’re missing out on a ton of exposure. This isn’t the most scientific study- different topics and types of videos will have different results.  However, the overall trend is something to be aware of. Read More →

Here is a step-by-step training to help you get up and running with your business on Facebook. If this training was helpful, please Like and Share it so that other people can benefit! To Your Prosperity,   PS.  Want a content packed training on my FREE massive exposure marketing blueprint? Get it here.