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As an entrepreneur, you are paid for the value you bring, not the time you spend. Therefore, to increase your income, you’ll get best results when you focus on Income Producing Activities. But what are they? In this video, let me show you what are some income-producing activities you want to capitalize on. Performing income Read More →

See women from different parts of the nation get together for one Hangout to share how their lives have changed since they joined DS Domination. In this video, Keysha Bass hosts the Hangout and have with her 8 other women who share their real testimonies on how effective they’ve been in their home business. These Read More →

Start marketing your home business NOW! If your business just started, or it has been there for quite a while now but you just haven’t marketing for it yet, then the best thing to do is to start now. Do you know how? Watch this video to know more. The key to marketing or promoting Read More →

Get a job? Or have your own business? Let me tell you the difference between the two in this video. Go ahead and click PLAY. At the end of the video, ask yourself: which one suits me best? Which one will give me more financial freedom? How high can my salary go if I get Read More →