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Someone once told me “Talking to everyone is like talking to no one.”  If you want to connect with your prospects and customers on a life-changing, loyalty inspiring level, you need to intimately understand what makes them tick.  Defining your target audience also allows you to make the most effective use of your marketing time Read More →

Facebook is the go-to advertising platform of big marketers for a few reasons. Ad approval is FAST when you’re following their rules. Other platforms may take up to a day to approve your ad.  Usually ads are approved within 15 minutes on Facebook. Audience targeting is simple and extensive– Depending on your criteria, it’s simple to Read More →

There are a lot of ways to market any MLM business. A lot of companies teach people to share their link either on social media or by phone. Before you share your link with anyone else, watch this video! If you’re in business for the long run, you’re going to get much farther faster with Read More →

Want your marketing efforts and dollars to return more revenue? Here are the 3 C’s of Effective Advertising: Take some time to evaluate your current advertising. Are you connecting with your Customer? Are you communicating the opportunity Clearly? Is there a Call to Action? There’s always room for improvement. Use these 3C’s to reach more Read More →

Start marketing your home business NOW! If your business just started, or it has been there for quite a while now but you just haven’t marketing for it yet, then the best thing to do is to start now. Do you know how? Watch this video to know more. The key to marketing or promoting Read More →