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For people working a full time job and trying to spend time with family, do chores, and keep things moving forward, running a part time home business is an additional challenge. With the limited time you have available, how can you pack the limited time for your business full of productivity? PLAN YOUR WORK- knowing Read More →

Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, keeping busy all day but not making progress toward your goals? Do you find yourself leaving the most important things until the end of the day and then having to either rush through them or abandon them all together? If either of these apply to you, it Read More →

When you walk into your workspace, do you breathe deeply or immediately feel more stress? If you’re like 70% of people who want their office to be more organized, it’s probably time to declutter and redesign your workspace.  Decluttering has many positive effects, the biggest one being that you are able to focus more easily Read More →

The other day my friend posted her email inbox unread count.  It was in the 1,000s.  Can you relate? If you’re tired of being flooded with emails- it’s time to take charge! “Inbox Zero” is now possible with these easy-to-use free tools. Here are two simple tools to clean up your inbox. Unroll.me– This service has Read More →

Feeling overwhelmed? Have more to do than time? It’s time to learn how to free up your time and say no to the things that are less important. For more productivity tips, sign up for FREE here!

  99% of people struggle with distractions- you are not alone. Let’s cut to the heart of why you’re distracted, the effects of distraction, and how to ruthlessly eliminate distractions that are holding you back. For FREE daily productivity tips, click here!

Once you realize the type of activities you tend to procrastinate, there is a “mind hack” you can use to cure yourself of the habit.  More on that in a minute. How many hours of time and energy are wasted every week by procrastination? And even worse, how much extra work is created by delaying what Read More →

Since most of our working time is spent on computers, and distracted by things online, it only makes sense to use productivity freeware to make time management easier. Here are the best productivity freeware tools I recommend: RescueTime.com offers time and activity tracking for all of your online time. This will help you get to the root of Read More →

With the upcoming holidays, this millionaire time management tip really made an impact on me. If this perspective made a difference for you, it may benefit others.  Please Like and Share it!   Make today count!

Did you know that most millionaires have this simple organizational habit in common? This past weekend I had the privilege of learning from Susan Sly at the Millionaire Blueprint event. If you received value from this video, please Like and Share it so that other people can benefit.   To your prosperity!   PS. If Read More →