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Wow! When I saw these results, it left no question in my mind.  If you’re only putting your videos on youtube, you’re missing out on a ton of exposure. This isn’t the most scientific study- different topics and types of videos will have different results.  However, the overall trend is something to be aware of. Read More →

How’s it going on this Free Training Friday? In celebration of crossing 1000 YouTube subscribers, I wanted to share with you exactly how I did it- and you can too, in 6 simple steps. For the full training I recorded for you with more details on each step, sign up here for a free membership Read More →

Getting tired of putting the same Facebook event details over again? Here’s a video on how to repeat a Facebook event. It’s actually simple! Now you can easily post a Facebook event with the same details you had in your previous event. This is best for those who do recurring events and invites the same Read More →

It’s our Affiliate Marketing 101 series again and this time I’ll discuss about how you can easily get traffic to your offer. The most important and the very first thing you need to do to gather traffic is to get you own domain. There is a small fee for this with a domain registrar like Read More →

Do you get those pre-stamped envelopes from mailing subscriptions, credit card companies, and the like? Why not put them to good use? In this video, I will show you how you can brilliantly use them to your advantage. We all know that those envelopes are supposedly for the sender’s advantage (and we don’t really need Read More →

One technique of getting the word out about your website, blog, or videos is by putting them out on social bookmarking websites. The list of websites can go on and on and it may take you days to put it online one by one! I found  this incredible tool that you can use that can Read More →

I want to share this video about one of the most amazing things that internet marketing has brought to me and most especially to other people’s lives as well. We all know that the internet is a vast platform and a great opportunity for us to share and inspire people. And I’m just happy I Read More →