Entrepreneurship is not rocket-science at all. It is partly easy (and yes, partly difficult) if you know how and when to actually make it work.

People have this notion that entrepreneurship puts you inside a box and traps you in it. I don’t think these people got it all right. Maybe they’re the ones who just tried very hard (too hard, indeed) that they didn’t see how things could fall out of their hand.

I’ve recently read this book about the “EMyth” and I’m just enlightened by it. I love how the book points out that entrepreneurship doesn’t put you inside a cylinder and fill it with water for you to drown. Nope. Here, in this book, you will learn how to maneuver yourself through your business and how you can steer your business to success.

Here’s a video review that I did on the book that might give you an insight or two.

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