With absolute concentration, faith, and persistence-  you can walk on water.

I consider the part in this video where one of the liquid mountaineers comments on limitations that we allow in our lives.  When you put your whole energy and focus toward achieving your utmost desires, what would that look like?  Would there really be anything stopping you?

I think the biggest obstacle for most people is how they perceive themselves in spite of who they really are.  The liquid mountaineers could only be successful running on water after they accepted that they are the ones to do it.  They claimed the identity of being liquid mountaineers. They mentally prepared to make it happen and committed to continue forward, over and over again, despite the challenges.

I’m not a liquid mountaineer yet- still recovering from the broken foot.  However, the difference between the performance of my past photography business and my quickly growing real estate business is the identity that I have chosen to embrace- that of a serious businessperson who will do what it takes to get things done, putting my self-created limitations aside.   Over and over again, it has meant pushing myself out of my comfort zone to do things that I knew were necessary to move the business forward.  For me, that was often talking with people I don’t know.  I like people and I like talking with people.  However, I had a mental block around calling new people.  Over the past months, I’ve completed many tasks that would have intimidated me in the past.  Now, I can look back at those challenges and know I can do even more to keep pursuing my goals.  It’s not my capabilities as much as my mindset that impact my abilities and my results.

People say that the “joy is in the journey.”  The liquid mountaineers are paving the way for the impossible becoming possible.  What is the “impossible” thing you’d like to see in your life?  What can you do today to start making it more possible?