Every millionaire I know uses a paper planner.  Why is that?  There are a few reasons.

freedigitalphotos.net artur84For me, a paper planner helps me organize and structure my thoughts to be most productive in a day.  I’ve found it’s especially helpful to write my top 3 priorities for the day the night before.

Now that it’s December, it’s time to get a planner for next year.

As I was shopping online, I thought to myself “I bet there’s something out there that is better than what I’m using today.” Let’s compare my top 4 productivity calendars side by side.
At the end, I’ll tell you which one I decided was best for me based on my life and business situation.

Get the most out of your planner!

As you evaluate planners, consider

  • Your specific schedule
  • What you want to accomplish
  • How a planner can assist you with that goal

The planners listed below are all excellent and worth considering for to assist you in growing your productivity.


#1 InnerGuide 90 Day Goal Setting

I loved the questions and layout of this planner.

Pros: It is a daily calendar – one day per 2 pages- with numerous questions to check in on daily, including what you are grateful for, a weekly goal reminder, and what you’ll do differently tomorrow. There’s also a end of the week checkin and self assessment. Very useful and thought provoking.

Cons: For me, I prefer a full year calendar and I also like being able to layout the whole week’s schedule on one 2-page spread for planning purposes.

You can find more details at amazon:


#2 InnerGuide 2015 Calendar

This calendar is by the same people above.  There are similar questions and monthly planning sections.

Pros: The layout shows a whole week on one page. There is an area to write high priority goals and miscellaneous errands/tasks. There is a gratitude and reflection area and a small picture of the month as a whole. Planning and checkin are on the monthly level (instead of weekly in the 90 day planner) for many aspects of life.

Cons: There isn’t an area to write tasks for each day.  I appreciate having a monthly review but a weekly one would be nice also.

#3 Tools4Wisdom

There are a couple variants of this calendar- I’m reviewing the first one listed below.  There is also a Mom’s version that may suit you well depending on your lifestyle.

Pros: One week per 2-page spread. The Scehdule runs from 5 am to 11 pm- which is nearly my schedule.  There is a section to set weekly goals and prioritize, make notes under each day. The focus is on desired outcomes.

There is also a monthly goal setting section which has helpful questions.

Cons: Not as “deep” and serious on the goals related questions as the InnerGuide planners.

This variation is slightly different but has prettier covers. 🙂

#3 The 7 Minute Daily Life Coaching

This planner covers just about everything.

Pros: On the one day per 2-page spread, there is a space for making time for people, to what you eat, if you exercise, how long you sleep, and did you walk in integrity for the day.

Cons: It has a lime green print which may or may not appeal to you. I prefer seeing a whole week per 2 page spread. There is a lot of space for “Tasks” and “Purpose” which I believe is better used for other questions that will create results. The biggest thing missing is a way to write in appointments- unless it is not pictured in the product listing images.

What is the best productivity planner?

Alright! So, out of these 4 great productivity planners, which one did I choose?

I choose the Tools4Wisdom planner.  I really appreciated the InnerGuide planners but wanted a week on 2 pages along with space to write notes for each day inside the week.

I may get the 90 day InnerGuide and test it alongside the Tools4Wisdom to see if one is more valuable to my production than another.

I hope this review was valuable to you.

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To your productivity!





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