journey step

My son and I had a disagreement last week.

As my son is growing up,
he’s becoming more opinionated
and has a lot of plans of his own.
He’s a great kid,
don’t get me wrong.
And sometimes when I’m asking
him to do something, he’s doing
something else instead because he
has a plan in his head that he’s following.
Anyway, last week we had a disagreement
I wanted him to go to swimming lessons,
he didn’t want to go.
He thought that he could just get to the beach
in a few months and be able to swim when he arrived.
I tried to explain to him that the time to learn is now
so that he’ll actually be able to swim and have fun later.
It wasn’t getting through to him.
So we sat down and drew up a plan.
Somehow, writing plans out
(he loves making plans for his construction trucks)
connected with him in a different way.
It was a 3 step plan with pictures.
1. Ethan doesn’t know how to swim yet.
2. Ethan goes to swimming lessons.
3. Ethan gets to the beach and can have fun swimming!
He wound up going to his lesson and realizing
there’s a reason he has to learn before he gets there.
He wasn’t able to swim when he stepped in the water!
He learned an important lesson:
If you skip step 2, you won’t have step 3 go right either.
So what does this have to do with you?
I’m guessing that you have some financial goals to achieve.
Do you have a plan?
I mean a real, step by step plan to get you there?
What will happen if you don’t make a plan and follow it?
Is it a realistic plan or does it rely on magic to happen
in between now and the end?
(kind of like showing up at the beach and magically swimming
without ever learning and practicing beforehand)
We’re talking about your future livelihood here.
If you’re ready to create a real, actionable plan
that will be working for you years down the road,
To your success!