Jenn Glidden is a dynamic leader in the internet marketing industry. She is innovative and forward thinking in her approach to creating personal wealth and leading real people to real results with proven marketing strategies and income generating systems. Jennifer connects with people from all walks of life who are embarking on the path of entrepreneurship.

Jenn grew up in culturally diverse environments and went on to earn her MBA.  While in corporate America she quickly realized that life in the cubicle was not for her. She started her first venture in affiliate marketing as a jewelry sales affiliate.  This experience launched her desire to find fulfillment and solutions for others who felt like they were wasting time, their gifts and talents sitting behind a desk working on someone else’s dream.

Wanting a change of pace, a change of scenery and a fresh new start Jenn and her husband Ken relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina.  Having completely embraced the entrepreneurial way of life, she and Ken started an Real Estate Investment company, rehabbing and restoring homes in the Charlotte area.

The Real Estate Industry allowed Jenn to use her business expertise and knowledge to connect with professionals who are just starting their own businesses or on their way to entrepreneurship.  


From there, she’s gone on to develop expertise in e-commerce and Internet Marketing which is displayed through her leadership and successful team.  Her approachable style proves that she is a leader who cares for others’ success.  She constantly utilizes her vast knowledge gained from her educational and professional background to uplift and empower both her team members, peers and mentors.

Jennifer Glidden resides in North Carolina with her husband,  son and daughter. She enjoys networking with other professionals who are ready to make the change from corporate America to living a lifestyle outside the cubicle.  Her inviting personality connects with many people she encounters.  She has a fast growing tribe of customers and she is paving the way for you to CLAIM YOUR FREEDOM!!

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