Someone once told me “Talking to everyone is like talking to no one.”  If you want to connect with your prospects and customers on a life-changing, loyalty inspiring level, you need to intimately understand what makes them tick.  Defining your target audience also allows you to make the most effective use of your marketing time Read More →

Pinterest is one of the most popular social media sites out there- and believe me- it is one of the most addictive! How can we tap into a traffic source where millions of (mostly) women with expendable incomes are scrolling through pins and repins to scratch an itch they have? They may be planning a Read More →

Search PPC (Pay Per Click) is one type of paid advertising that can get your offering in front of the right people when they’re looking for answers.  Google Adwords is the top provider by far.  Bing comes in a far second.  Both of the platforms work in a similar way.  Google tends to be more Read More →

In this audio training, I get to the heart of entrepreneurial success.  There are make or break components required for your ability to grow a business.  Discover what they are in this free training. If you enjoyed this training, please share it online so that other people can benefit! To receive regular updates and more free training, Read More →

Want to locate laser targeted prospects with problems you can provide solutions for? Start engaging in niche forums! Not only will you find people you can help, you’ll also have a platform to position yourself as an expert and provide free value. There are online forums for nearly every issue and topic out there. And Read More →

Facebook is the go-to advertising platform of big marketers for a few reasons. Ad approval is FAST when you’re following their rules. Other platforms may take up to a day to approve your ad.  Usually ads are approved within 15 minutes on Facebook. Audience targeting is simple and extensive– Depending on your criteria, it’s simple to Read More →

Have you heard about the amazingly high ROI you can achieve with retargeting? If you have a retargeting pixel on your site now but aren’t putting it to work, here are 5 ways to use retargeting to your company’s advantage.  If you don’t have a retargeting pixel (or pixels) on your site yet, this may inspire Read More →

If you’ve been searching for answers online, you’ve probably asked yourself who you can trust as an expert.  Who really knows what they’re talking about?  As you build your business online, whether its internet marketing, network marketing, an ecommerce store, or even a local business, it’s critical that you apply some basic credibility indicators to Read More →

If you’ve sunken into a slump, perhaps creating a sense of urgency will help you get results. Watch this video to learn how. Are you struggling to stay focused and get results in your business? How would it feel to wake up with a plan and purpose each morning, knowing exactly what to do? If Read More →

For people working a full time job and trying to spend time with family, do chores, and keep things moving forward, running a part time home business is an additional challenge. With the limited time you have available, how can you pack the limited time for your business full of productivity? PLAN YOUR WORK- knowing Read More →