One value that I always keep within me when I have achieved something – big or small – is to be genuinely thankful. Gratitude is a value that is not very difficult to instill and even share to others. When we show people how grateful we are, it resonates with them and they themselves will Read More →

I want to share this video about one of the most amazing things that internet marketing has brought to me and most especially to other people’s lives as well. We all know that the internet is a vast platform and a great opportunity for us to share and inspire people. And I’m just happy I Read More →

In the desire to grow your business faster and see results, don’t take shortcuts with your customers and think it won’t catch up with you. Do the right thing, look out for the customer even when it’s not in your (immediate) best interests, and be honest and open. This will lay the groundwork for your business success. As you gain a reputation of trustworthiness, you will see your business continue to grow. Read More →

I recently had an exceptional customer service experience from a company selling a relatively low cost service. In fact, I don’t remember being treated so well and taken care of so completely in a very long time. Read More →

We’ve had some trouble with squirrels cleaning out the bird feeder. The trouble peaked when we came home to find the squirrel with his hand literally in the feeder. While it makes great entertainment for the dog, we’d rather feed the birds. So we decided to duct tape the top to the feeder. Certainly that Read More →

Thoughts on making the impossible possible- what self-limiting beliefs are holding you back? Read More →

My husband and I just finished our first major rehab project.  The finished product is beautiful and, boy, did we learn a lot of lessons along the way.  There were many challenges. I’m most proud of completing the rehab in 4 weeks despite my foot being in a cast the entire time.  For any other Read More →