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In this audio training, I get to the heart of entrepreneurial success.  There are make or break components required for your ability to grow a business.  Discover what they are in this free training. If you enjoyed this training, please share it online so that other people can benefit! To receive regular updates and more free training, Read More →

Implementing the System Change can be a difficult thing for people to embrace. Whether it’s you struggling with the new and improved system, or your customers having to get used to a new way of interacting with you, be aware that there may be an adjustment period. Make sure that when you systemize your business, Read More →

Warning: This may come across as a little bit of tough love. This message is critical to you being able to accomplish what you really are put on this earth for. What is really driving you?  Is it just to be comfortable in life? Because if it stops there, you’ll never get moving. Chances are, you’re Read More →

Sometimes we get in a rhythm of life and start taking for granted things that are actually very fragile and unreliable. Here’s an example: One evening, my husband came home and told me “My pay was cut 40% and I have Fridays off now.” My husband had a good paying job. He was well-respected at his Read More →

I watched this video with my son.  It is a beautiful example of what happens when people bring their gifts out to shine and benefit others.  Watch and enjoy! If you enjoyed this video, please Like and Share it so that other people can benefit!   Cheers,

Watch and listen for some powerful motivation and inspiration.  You have greatness within you! What are you setting out to win today?   To Your Prosperity,   PS. If you enjoyed this video, please like and Share it so that other people can benefit!

Is “get rich quick” for real or a scam?  Turns out that “get rich slow” may be the real scam. This book was an educational and entertaining read.  I would say the MJ Demarco has one of the most entertaining writing voices that I’ve read in a while.  His points are very solid and I Read More →

My neighbor’s house caught on fire today. It tore my heart out to watch the flames take hold while we waited for the fire truck to arrive. Now I’ve seen a real picture of the phrase “burning platform.” Don’t wait until the pain is great enough in your physical, financial, or relational life to make Read More →

A lot of people believe success is a one-time event.  In fact, the event would never take place without the process of practicing simple disciplines one day at a time.  (My apologies for the wind noise) Consider any professional athlete.  Their career began decades earlier on a field throwing, kicking, or hitting the same ball Read More →

Here’s a practical lesson on how to stimulate creativity, along with a little tour inside a luxury home. If you enjoyed this video, please Like and Share it so that other people can benefit. Stay tuned for a big announcement coming in the next couple of days. Make Today Count! PS. How many infinity edge Read More →