Once you realize the type of activities you tend to procrastinate, there is a “mind hack” you can use to cure yourself of the habit.  More on that in a minute. How many hours of time and energy are wasted every week by procrastination? And even worse, how much extra work is created by delaying what Read More →

Since most of our working time is spent on computers, and distracted by things online, it only makes sense to use productivity freeware to make time management easier. Here are the best productivity freeware tools I recommend: RescueTime.com offers time and activity tracking for all of your online time. This will help you get to the root of Read More →

  As I sit down to write this, my 2 month old daughter is snuggled over my left shoulder.  Is it realistic to think a work from home parent can time block? There are a lot of studies done on the brain’s inability to actually multi-task, instead it takes time and mental energy to switch gears Read More →

What’s the shortcut to getting team members overnight? It all starts with people looking at your offer (AKA “traffic.”) If you don’t have an existing list of laser targeted customers, you can actually pay other people to send you theirs. It’s called a Solo Ad. Generally you pay the list owner by the click or for Read More →

  People ask me often, “What’s the best system for income online?” I respond with questions about their interest, experience, time and capital available. But here’s what it really comes down to: Are you committed to your own success?   If you had a boss in your business, would they be throwing money at you for Read More →

If you’re building a new business, please watch this video for a perspective on confusion that may help you create far greater results. Was this video helpful to you? Like and Share it so that it can benefit others! To your success,            

A lot of people ask, “Can PLS work for me?  I don’t have experience or web design skills.” Below is a small sampling of results that new PLS affiliates are experiencing based on using and following the simple system. (Click to enlarge)   Are you ready to learn how you can get started and get Read More →

There are a lot of ways to market any MLM business. A lot of companies teach people to share their link either on social media or by phone. Before you share your link with anyone else, watch this video! If you’re in business for the long run, you’re going to get much farther faster with Read More →

This is the simplest lead capture system I’ve found – for by far the most affordable price. Check out some of the MLM marketing tools included that you can use. No matter what kind of business you’re promoting, you’ll gain additional leverage and credibility by having professional squeeze page templates, auto responder, and lead capture Read More →

Hey there! I came across this software Fresh Store Builder to build amazon affiliate storefronts and so far I’ve been nothing but impressed.  Here’s a quick video look behind the scenes of my first store I’m setting up. Why is Fresh Store Builder appealing to me? Because it allows you to create “set it and Read More →