People ask me often,

“What’s the best system for income online?”online money making system 2016

I respond with questions about their interest, experience,

time and capital available.

But here’s what it really comes down to:

Are you committed to your own success?


If you had a boss in your business,

would they be throwing money at you

for the value you are providing

and the new business you are generating?

or would you be fired for not showing up?


If you aren’t committed enough to show up in your business daily,

why would anyone partner with you long term?


Even when you’re just starting out,

you’ll get further faster when you realize that

this is a long term game.


Every piece of content you create,

training and event you attend,

and connection you make is investing in YOU.


Those things build your business for the long run.


The more you do upfront, the sooner the compound effect will

start working in your favor to snowball your results.


This isn’t a myth, it’s reality.


It’s how I was able to earn over $100k in 15 months

with a program paying only $10 commissions on the front end.


Little by little, day by day, results are created.


Before you know it,

you can look back and see the compound effect in action.


If you’re in the Catch 22 position of

“I need to see results before I take action”

no action leads to no results and you are guaranteeing

failure for yourself by not taking action.


So, what’s the best money-making system out there?


Sure, I’ll share the best program I’ve found

that includes a high converting, done-for-you sales funnel

and also packs in top-quality training for people to

develop transferrable income-producing skills

beyond one specific system.


However, at the end of the day, it won’t do anything on it’s own because


YOU are the best money-making system out there.


YOU are the only one who can create your results.


YOU are the one controlling how you invest the time in your day.


With that in mind, what activities have the biggest impact on your income?

In my next post, we’ll look at how to be most productive on a daily basis

so you can grow your income while living life.


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To your success,