For people working a full time job and trying to spend time with family, do chores, and keep things moving forward, running a part time home business is an additional challenge.

With the limited time you have available, how can you pack the limited time for your business full of productivity?

  1. PLAN YOUR WORK- knowing ahead of time exactly what you need to accomplish in your focused work time is required to be able to make the most of the time you have.“Every minute you spend in planning, saves 10 minutes in execution.” – Brian Tracy
    Even if it’s saving 5 minutes of execution for every minute you spend planning, that’s a great way to multiply your time.
  2. SCHEDULE THE TIME- Schedule your power hour at your peak mental time and when there are fewer distractions around.  If you schedule a power hour around dinner time when everyone needs something from you, it is not going to create the best results.  Can you get up before everyone else and work with a fresh mind? Or are you able to get your best work done when everyone else is asleep?
  3. FOCUS- absolutely no phone, social media, email, or news distractions while you are working on the tasks at hand. More strategies on how to eliminate distractions can be found here.
    Dig into the work that needs to be done without procrastinating!
    Still find yourself putting things off? Check out these tips on how to stop procrastinating.
  4. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF- You will be able to perform better in short time frames when you take care of your body and mind by get sufficient restful sleep, eat nutritious foods, and exercise your body. Taking good care of your body will also help remove stimulants and depressants that people rely on to artificially create energy and slow the body down for sleep.

Staying committed to yourself and your goals requires daily persistence. Figure out how you can benefit from a power hour in your life and make it happen!

Make today count!




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