Whether you’re a digital marketer trying to make money from home or an established local business owner, adding fresh content to your website helps grow your business in a number of ways.

1. Grow Your Digital FootprintSeamless pattern with foot steps

Every blog post, info graphic, video, audio, and ebook is a digital asset.  That means it can generate income for you over and over again. When you create more and get the word out about it, you’re growing your brand’s digital footprint.  It’s like leaving more breadcrumbs for your customers to find you though.  As you promote your posts through social media, each back link and social media mention is another crumb pointing back to your business.

2. Establish Your Authority in the Industry

superhero-clip-art-a_superhero_standing_on_top_of_the_earth_0071-0908-2019-4233_SMUFor every blog post you publish, it separates you from the pack by declaring to the world that you have insight and you are willing to share you expertise.  Maybe your blog post is simply an update on specials or seasonal events going on at your business.  Either way, you’re putting it out into the worldwide web while 10-20 or more of your peers are keeping quiet.  The people go where the action is.  When you blog is active and you come across as knowledgable, people start showing up.

3. Connect With People

loyaltyThis is what it’s really all about.  Machines don’t send you money, people do.  Every potential customer  has thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  When you can meet people where they are, especially on an emotional level, through your content,  you will be able to create the “Know Like and Trust” factor that attracts loyal lifelong customers.



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