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Someone once told me “Talking to everyone is like talking to no one.”  If you want to connect with your prospects and customers on a life-changing, loyalty inspiring level, you need to intimately understand what makes them tick.  Defining your target audience also allows you to make the most effective use of your marketing time Read More →

If you’ve been searching for answers online, you’ve probably asked yourself who you can trust as an expert.  Who really knows what they’re talking about?  As you build your business online, whether its internet marketing, network marketing, an ecommerce store, or even a local business, it’s critical that you apply some basic credibility indicators to Read More →

If you’ve sunken into a slump, perhaps creating a sense of urgency will help you get results. Watch this video to learn how. Are you struggling to stay focused and get results in your business? How would it feel to wake up with a plan and purpose each morning, knowing exactly what to do? If Read More →

My son and I had a disagreement last week. As my son is growing up, he’s becoming more opinionated and has a lot of plans of his own. He’s a great kid, don’t get me wrong. And sometimes when I’m asking him to do something, he’s doing something else instead because he has a plan Read More →

Want a professional social media brand fast and free? Here’s a simple solution to create a uniform look across your social media channels without the high price tag and time it takes to work with a designer.  Check out the tour in the video below. For more low-cost tools and training to build your small business, Read More →

If you’re building a new business, please watch this video for a perspective on confusion that may help you create far greater results. Was this video helpful to you? Like and Share it so that it can benefit others! To your success,            

This is the simplest lead capture system I’ve found – for by far the most affordable price. Check out some of the MLM marketing tools included that you can use. No matter what kind of business you’re promoting, you’ll gain additional leverage and credibility by having professional squeeze page templates, auto responder, and lead capture Read More →

The Main Parts of Your Business to Focus Systemization On Welcome back to our bootcamp on systemizing your business.  Today we’ll talk about some of the best places to start adding systems into your business. Ordering and inventory is a good place to check for potential automation. If you have tangible products, then you’ll be Read More →

The System You Currently Use There are a lot of businesses that do things a certain way because it’s been handed down from generation to generation. Nothing has changed or updated in the many years of doing business – even if it takes more time and effort. Then there are businesses that had to start Read More →

Whether you’re a digital marketer trying to make money from home or an established local business owner, adding fresh content to your website helps grow your business in a number of ways. 1. Grow Your Digital Footprint Every blog post, info graphic, video, audio, and ebook is a digital asset.  That means it can generate Read More →