how to identify your target market

Someone once told me “Talking to everyone is like talking to no one.”  If you want to connect with your prospects and customers on a life-changing, loyalty inspiring level, you need to intimately understand what makes them tick.  Defining your target audience also allows you to make the most effective use of your marketing time and resources.  Whether you’re doing paid or free marketing, or a combination of both, having your target market clearly defined makes all the difference in positive and profitable results.

Let’s dig into defining target audience

It may be most helpful to create an avatar in your mind- one person who represents your customer.  When you can see how they walk through life on a daily basis, their struggles, desires, challenges, and activities, you’ll be able to speak more directly to their problems and offer your solution.

  1. Demographics– Are they male or female?  How old?  Where do they live in the country? What is their ethnic background? Educational background?
  2. Hobbies– what do they do in their free time? Watch TV? Exercise? Get outside? Volunteer?
  3. Daily Routine– Walk through what a typical day looks like for your customer.  Do they commute?  How far? In what vehicle?  What time of day?
  4. Family Profile– What demands and concerns do their families have?  Are there young children, aging parents, teens about to go to college?
  5. Shopping Patterns– Where do they shop? How often? What do they buy? Brand names or generics?
  6. Subscriptions– What online services, magazines or newsletters do they subscribe to?
  7. Social Media/Online Habits– Where do they hang out online? How often? What times of day? Who do they follow?
  8. Brand loyalty– what brands are they likely to follow and trust?  What are defining aspects of those brands that you can relate your product or service to?
  9. Charities– What concerns do they have for improving the world around them? What organizations do they contribute time and money to on a regular basis?

What do you do once you define your target market?

With the profile you create for your ideal customer using the questions above, this will be a starting point to refine your brand, develop marketing campaigns, and connect with your customers on a regular basis.  Whether you’re creating product packaging and listings or writing sales letters, or developing commercials, speak directly to the customer you imagined above and you will start seeing more positive feedback.

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